Panthers to host prom for high school devastated by tornado

The Carolina Panthers are taking an entire high school to prom.

The Panthers plan to bus North Central High (Camden, S.C.) juniors and seniors to party in Charlotte after their school was nearly destroyed by a tornado in early January.

The team will pay for the hour-and-a-half ride north before hosting students at the Atrium Health Dome Indoor Facility on March 30. They'll also donate team-worn uniforms and weight room equipment to aid the school's rebuilding efforts, according to Alex Andrejev of the Charlotte Observer.

Watch the Panthers break the news to these students. It's priceless.

"I was speechless, I was shocked," senior Star Shaw told WIS News 10's Emily Wakeman. "I was like, our senior prom is going to be in Charlotte at the Carolina practice stadium?! That is unbelievable."

"I'm so glad because I was thinking that we wouldn't even have prom," added junior Sara Bowers.

North Central High Schoolers like Bowers and Shaw currently don't have a high school. Demolition on their football stadium began last week in hopes it could still host graduation. It's not far-fetched to think their big dance was in jeopardy.

But thanks to the pro football team, prom is still very much on.

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