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Fantasy Football

Alvin Kamara won Drew Brees' son his fantasy league

Alvin Kamara's historic six-touchdown game crowned many a fantasy football champion in Week 16.

Among them: The 11-year-old son of the man who hands Kamara the ball.

Baylen Brees didn't just win with Kamara in the finals; according to dad Drew, he "destroyed the other guy." In standard NFL Fantasy leagues, Kamara's 155 rushing yards, 17 receiving yards, and six rushing touchdowns went for 56.2 points.

That's good for a thank you note the next time Baylen sees his dad's star RB.

Now the other question: Did Baylen start dad (8.14 points) or backup Taysom Hill (11.02 points) at quarterback en route to his title?

Either way, you can tell Brees is one proud papa. The ear-muffed baby he once hoisted into a barrage of Super Bowl confetti is now hoisting a fantasy trophy. Time sure does fly.

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