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NFL Draft Fantasy Preview: Running backs (aka Backs to the Future)

Marcas Grant is joined by resident fantasy nerd, Matt Okada, for a special new edition of the NFL Fantasy Football Podcast!

This episode marks the second of a four-part series where Marcas and Matt discuss the fantasy potential of incoming NFL players who are likely to be selected in the 2021 NFL Draft. Today, they focus on the running backs. Before getting into that, the hosts react Julian Edelman's retirement and discuss whether or not the former New England Patriots wide receiver should be inducted into the hall of fame (1:29). Next, Marcas and Matt discuss to the fantasy implications of the Arizona Cardinals signing former Pittsburgh Steelers running back James Conner (8:44). Then, Marcas and Matt dive into the incoming rookie RB class and discuss how players such as Javonte Williams, Travis Etienne and Najee Harris might perform on fantasy rosters in 2021 (11:41). Before signing off, the fantasy experts discuss how the rookie class will fare in redraft and dynasty leagues this offseason (45:22).

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