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New-look Lions: Reigning NFC North champions unveil fresh uniforms, including all-black alternates

The Detroit Lions unveiled their re-designed uniforms for the 2024 season on Thursday evening, including a new black-and-blue color rush look and three helmet shells.

The Lions' home uniforms feature a modern take on classic Detroit jerseys, starting with a "refreshing" of the characteristic Honolulu Blue the Lions have had in their color scheme for most of their history. The blue jersey features the return of white numbers and will be worn with silver pants, moving on from the gray color worn in recent years. The contrasting stripes on the shoulders and pants resemble those used on the Ford Mustang and feature white accents as well, while the collars will be inscribed with "One Pride" on the inside.

The away uniform includes a white jersey with blue numbers outlined in silver, and will be paired with solid blue or white pants. In addition, this uniform will have "Detroit" emblazoned across the chest for the first time in team history. Adding to the ode to their home city, the inside collar will be blue with 313, the Detroit area code, inscribed upon it to honor the hardworking heritage of the city and its people.

After utilizing an all-gray uniform as the team's alternates in recent years, the Lions have moved on to an all-black ensemble for the 2024 season, nicknamed "Motor City Muscle." The re-introduced color scheme is reminiscent of a look worn in the 1990s and early 2000s by players including current head coach Dan Campbell. Honolulu blue will remain present in the numbers, trim and "Lions" lettering across the front, and it will be inscribed with "Motor City" insider the blue collar.

The Lions will also retain their classic throwback uniform that is an homage to the late '50s, with the only change being the refreshed blue of the jersey. This will be worn with silver, stripe-less pants and blue socks.

As for helmets, the standard home/road shell will remain silver with the standard Leaping Lion logo, and will feature a blue and white stripe down the center and a new Honolulu Blue facemask, as tribute to late Lions owner Williams Clay Ford, Sr.

The Lions' alternate black uniforms will feature a matte metallic Honolulu Blue helmet with contrasting black face mask and striping and a black version of the Leaping Lion logo, while the classic will continue to be a silver shell with silver face mask and no design.

This is the first season teams have been allowed to have three helmet shells, after a recent decision by the league to allow a third design, starting with teams who were already in the process of a uniform re-design for the 2024 season.

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