Trailer released for upcoming 'All or Nothing' season

We learned earlier this month that the 2017 Dallas Cowboys are the subject of the third season of the Amazon documentary series All or Nothing. Now we have a trailer, which offers a glimpse into the highs and lows of a disappointing 9-7 season for America's Team.

All or Nothing has proved to be sturdier than initially expected from a storytelling standpoint. To put it another way, the show doesn't live or die by the success of the team being studied. NFL Films knows how to work magic, whether it's documenting a 2015 Cardinals team that came within one victory of the Super Bowl or a dreadful 2016 Rams team that lost constantly and eventually fired the head coach. (I can still see Jeff Fisher holding his dog and waving as the team busses departed for another slaughter in Seattle. I'm not sure he's been seen since.)

The 2017 Cowboys exist in that area in between -- not bad enough to be a trainwreck, not good enough to make the playoffs. But this should work because of the polarizing nature of Big D. If you're a Cowboys fan, you'll love to see how the major dramas of the season -- Zeke's suspension, Dak's growing pains, Dez's rough Week 16 -- played out behind the scenes. And if you're a Cowboys hater? Well, you get to see the Cowboys -- pumped up as a Super Bowl contender entering 2017 -- repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot en route to a dark January. Streaming schadenfreude, baby!

The Cowboys are like baseball's Yankees in that way; a franchise with a huge fanbase and an even greater base of haters. This show should provide plenty of entertainment for both sides of the aisle. And Dez, make sure your helmet is on prior to all friendly headbutts.

All eight episodes of All or Nothing will be available for Prime members on April 27.

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