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Speaks thought 'ball was gone' on missed Brady tackle

Down the stretch in their 43-40 loss to the New England Patriots, the Kansas City Chiefs defense, injury-riddled and outmatched for the bulk of Sunday night, had a great opportunity to stop Tom Brady at the goal line -- and whiffed.

With over five minutes left in the fourth quarter and the Chiefs leading the Pats by three points, New England faced a third-and-goal from the 4-yard line. Brady took the snap out of the shotgun looking for one of his five receiving options to get open, but was immediately swarmed by Breeland Speaks. The Chiefs rookie linebacker seemed to catch Brady from behind as he tried to move toward the line of scrimmage, but the QB escaped Speaks' half-tackle. Brady then dove into the end zone for the go-ahead touchdown. The Chiefs lost the lead on the play and would not recapture it.

When asked about the missed opportunity to force another New England field goal and a tie game, Speaks said he thought Brady didn't have the ball and let up to avoid being penalized for roughing the passer.

"Because I thought the ball was gone, I ain't taking him to the ground," Speaks told reporters. "It sucks. It sucks. You're supposed to finish plays like that."

Brady was equally as confused.

"Yeah, I don't know what happened," Brady said when asked if he was surprised he made it to the goal line. "They doubled three guys on the play and I'm just glad. I've got to watch it tomorrow, but I got close to the goal line and figured I'd just try to get it in. We needed it."

Speaks said he won't commit the same mistake in the future.

"You've got to. It's just the risk we've got to take now," Speaks said. "Whether we get the flag or not, whatever happens, you've just got to go ahead and push through it and go ahead and make that play."

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