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Raiders WR Davante Adams rejects trade chatter: 'If I wanted to be gone, I'd be gone by now'

For more than a year, trade rumors surrounding Davante Adams have circulated based on multiple factors, including the coaching change and the 31-year-old seeking to play for a clear contender.

Speaking Sunday at his youth football camp in Las Vegas, Adams told reporters he had no desire to be traded.

"If I wanted to be gone, I'd be gone by now," Adams said, via Tashan Reed of The Athletic. "This is where I want to be."

The Raiders acquired Adams in the spring of 2022 in exchange for first- and second-round picks and handed him a five-year, $140 million contract to complete the process. The trade reunited the wideout with college teammate and close friend Derek Carr. However, the rockiness in Vegas under Josh McDaniels overshadowed everything.

Adams put up 1,515 yards and a league-high 14 touchdowns in his first season in Vegas, but the Raiders' benching and then releasing of Carr sparked speculation last offseason that the club might move on from the star wideout. That didn't happen, and while his numbers shrunk in 2023 (1,144 yards, 8 TDs), Adams suggested that firing McDaniels and hiring Antonio Pierce improved the entire operation in Vegas, making him want to stick around.

"It's already helped the morale of the team," Adams said of the club hiring Pierce full-time. "It's what we were all looking for: To be able to continue with the same mindset that we had. That's our guy. We've got to get to work now. … It's about what we go out there and do."

Adams has three years left on his contract, but 2024 represents the final year of guaranteed money on the pact. The wideout's cap number jumps from $25.35 million this year to $44.1 million for the following two years.

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