Raiders, interim coach Rich Bisaccia find triumph after tumultuous week: 'It's a 'we' win'

Having been under the spotlight in one of the most tumultuous weeks in NFL history, the Las Vegas Raiders emerged from Week 6 triumphant.

With interim coach Rich Bisaccia taking over the reins, the Derek Carr-led Raiders defeated the Denver Broncos, 34-24, on Sunday -- just six days after Jon Gruden announced his resignation following the revelation of multiple offensive emails.

It brought about the conclusion of a week nobody saw coming and overflowing with emotions.

For Bisaccia, it was about his players being able to go about their business despite all the issues surrounding them.

"Certainly it's emotional for everybody. So I think they did a good job, as a bunch of grown men of handling their emotions throughout the week," Bisaccia told reporters. "Putting them in perspective when it was time to go play the game. It is a job for all of us. They seemed to do a really good job with it. We'll see what goes on from here. We'll see the consistency that we can have. I think that'll be the challenge."

The Raiders answered the immediate challenge brought upon them less than a week after Gruden resigned after articles in The Wall Street Journal and New York Times detailed his use of racist, homophobic and misogynistic terms in emails reportedly dating back to 2010.

As much as Sunday's victory was an example of being able to get a job done no matter the obstacles and distractions inside and outside the facility, the Raiders' performance also spoke volumes for the team's fortitude.

"I talk about it all the time. This team, top to bottom, is resilient. We have great character in the locker room, we have guys who loved football," Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby told NFL Network's Steve Wyche. "And, at the end of the day, like I said, no matter what's going on, we're here. We work way too damn hard to not show up and put a great product on the field so I'm glad we just came out here and got the win."

Crosby had three sacks, while Carr had 341 yards and two touchdowns. Receiver Henry Ruggs III and running back Kenyan Drake also had impressive afternoons to bring Bisaccia his first win. It was an overall team effort that spoke to the team's character amid controversy.

"I am part of the team, just like everybody else," Bisaccia said. "It's a 'we' win."

There are an assortment of uncertainties ahead for the Las Vegas Raiders, but one certainty is that they are 1-0 under Bisaccia.

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