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NFL Fantasy Football Start 'Em, Sit 'Em Week 8: Intro

I was on KNBR recently, doing a segment with my guy Mark Willard called "mistakes were made." And like an idiot, I was talking (bragging?) about not having any major blowups this year. And then I faded Tyler Lockett in this space last week. I mean, he has been inconsistent. The Cardinals hadn't allowed a lot of production to wide receivers. There seemed like there were some other good options out there.

But mistakes were made.

And it's not like Lockett just scored a pair of touchdowns and it was bad. Russell Wilson apparently took this all very personally as he targeted Lockett 20 times. TWENTY TIMES. I haven't seen a level of devotion this big since my boy Sully first purchased Chumbawamba's CD when we were kids and he kept playing Tubthumping over and over again. (And kids, ask your parents who Chumbawamba was, and what a CD was as well.)

So that was fun to live through, what with it being a prime-time game and all. And me having numerous shares of DK Metcalf all over the place. I did thankfully start him in one league against IMPACT Wrestling's Eric Young, so I wasn't completely left out of the party. Which is of small consolation. (Although beating a world champion is always nice.)

And if you're wondering why I had Lockett in one of my lineups when I had him as a sit, I'm glad you asked. Because while I talked about my reasons for sitting Lockett (he wasn't being targeted and it was a bad matchup), you need to apply reason. I had Lockett rated behind guys like Terry McLaurin, Tee Higgins, Davante Adams and some others last week. And if you started one of those guys ahead of him, that made sense. They all got into the end zone. I did have Lockett behind Chase Claypool, which wouldn't have been so bad if Diontae Johnson hadn't been taking all of his production. Ultimately, that was a terrible choice. The others look bad in hindsight as well because Lockett put up 50-plus points in various scoring formats. That's fantasy and it happens some time. Put it behind you and move on. Let's get ready for Week 8. WEEK EIGHT ALREADY. We are getting close to the fantasy playoffs. It's hard to believe.

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