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LeSean McCoy still interested in playing, feels like 'rabbit's foot' after winning two Super Bowls

After years of grinding toward but never reaching the Super Bowl as an essential player, LeSean McCoy has reached (and won) two Super Bowls in his last two seasons.

He also didn't play a single snap in either of them.

No matter, though, because while McCoy filled a tertiary role, he still wants to lace them up while a playing career remains possible. That's likely to include another new team in 2021, if one will have him. And McCoy has a pretty solid sales pitch: Sign me and you just might win a Super Bowl, if the last two years are any indication.

"I've been thinking about it. I really have," McCoy said of playing this year, during an appearance on Good Morning Football. "It's tougher than I thought it would be, making a decision. But it's been so good. I'm like the rabbit's foot, whatever team I go to next, you're probably in a Super Bowl.

"I think I still want to play. I really do. I've been talking to my agent. The only thing is it has to be the right team. I can't go from two Super Bowls, playing with B.A. (Bruce Arians) and Andy Reid, Tom Brady and (Patrick Mahomes), to not even having a team that's competing. I'm still a competitor. I think that you bring me back, I've got to play for teams that are contenders, or some young guys that can help out because I still want to be effective somehow, some way, and also may get a shot to play, showcase my talents. You're showing my highlights, but I still got some more highlights to give out."

After getting 101 carries with the Chiefs and gaining 465 yards and scoring four touchdowns in 2019, McCoy received just 10 chances to run the ball for the Buccaneers in 2020. He went from a potentially helpful veteran addition to a veteran afterthought, thanks to the unexpected signing of Leonard Fournette and emergence of Ronald Jones.

At 33-years-old, it's fair to wonder if he has anything left in the tank. McCoy admitted as much indirectly by saying he thinks he still wants to play, a reply that was less than a firm declaration. But if a team calls, it's likely McCoy will answer and entertain the thought of joining an interested club. As for pairing him with a contender -- a requirement for McCoy, unless a better mentorship opportunity arises -- there aren't a ton of possibilities at the moment, though Miami or a return to Buffalo feel like potential fits.

If that happens, the rabbit's foot test officially begins.

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