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Les Snead: Rams might try to get Aaron Donald to pull an Eric Weddle 

Aaron Donald retired in March, telling the Los Angeles Rams his cup was "full" after an illustrious 10-year career.

On Thursday, Rams general manager Les Snead said on The Rich Eisen Show that if L.A. can make another Super Bowl run like it did in 2021, he might just call Donald to see if he'd consider joining the sprint.

"I did mention to Aaron that going back to our Super Bowl run, that there was a player by the name of Eric Weddle, who kind of jumped into the playoffs, and we signed him to the practice squad," Snead said. "And we standard elevated him for four straight games to a Super Bowl championship. So, I did mention if we happen to get to the playoffs again, maybe we'll circle back and see if the cup's not quite filled. But that's just a rumor. I doubt Aaron's going to do that."

In January 2022, the banged-up Rams lured a then 36-year-old Weddle out of retirement by offering the six-time Pro Bowler a shot at an elusive ring. The safety played every snap of the NFC Championship Game and Super Bowl to help L.A. secure the Lombardi Trophy.

With a Super Bowl already in his trophy case, Donald doesn't have the same incentive to return that Weddle had, but that's not the reason Snead gave for why he thinks the star defensive tackle would rebuff any overtures.

"Aaron's one of those guys where he's so principled, he might feel uncomfortable that, 'You know what, I didn't go through those other 18 (games) with the guys, I'm not sure I can go through the playoffs with them,'" Snead said. "Not sure. We might tempt him. No breaking news here."

If the Rams find themselves in the postseason again in 2024, it won't hurt to at least give Donald a call, even if no one expects him to unretire.

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