Try to follow along as Jameis Winston tutors a young player

Jameis Winston wants to teach the next generation how to best eat a W.

Listen in as the veteran Saints quarterback guides a young player through his own thought process as he reads coverages. It's confusing, informative, hilarious, and serious all at the same time.

You might've laughed at Winston's "boom-boom-boom" breakdown or the ensuing facial expressions. That's natural. Winston's still one of the league's funniest and most swaggy characters.

"I wish you would (line up like that)," Winston said confidently about his play versus quarters coverage. "I'm taking my shot."

Winston's pupil -- presumably a young QB -- soaks it all in. He's not laughing, he's taking notes. As goofy a teacher as Winston is, he's still a Heisman winner who commands respect.

Those qualities stood out to Sean Payton during the season he just spent with Winston in New Orleans.

"We didn't have a normal offseason, but we had enough time to see what we had with him as a player, as a leader, as an athlete," Payton told GMFB last month. "I really like what we had a chance to see."

Sure, Jameis is a goober. He also has a brain bursting with quarterbacking knowledge. And if Payton does ultimately tap Winston as Drew Brees' successor, it'll be on coach and player to turn "boom-boom-boom" into another Lombardi.