Jaguars fans gift Trevor Lawrence high-tech toaster for wedding

Forget about a warm welcome. The greeting Jaguars fans are giving their potential new quarterback and his new wife Marissa is downright toasty.

After their weekend wedding, Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Lawrence have a $300 touchscreen toaster heading their way, courtesy of generous fans down in Duval.

Superfan Eric Dillard found and tweeted out the couple's wedding registry, including the toaster and other appliances. Jaguars Twitter did the rest for the presumptive No. 1 overall pick.

The movement snowballed into a donation machine now capable of buying 23 Revolution Cooking High Speed Smart Toasters for the Lawrences. Dillard purchased one and opened the remaining funds up to a Twitter poll.

"I quickly jumped back on Twitter, opened a poll with the idea of donating the rest after purchasing the toaster and maybe (a) vacuum," Dillard told Sports Illustrated's Kassidy Hill. "I thought it was important to float the idea first because I had already collected $2,250 at this point and wanted people to be okay with where their money was going. I believe the poll ended around 87% in favor of donating the rest to charity."

The crowdsourced donation will end up in the hands of a Lawrence-supported charity -- and it could be a windfall. Dillard said donations haven't slowed; his new goal is $10,000 through April 16th.

Dillard isn't shocked by Duval's support. It's the kind of welcome he thinks Lawrence should expect if and when the Jaguars select him first at the end of April.

"(Our) sense of community was at an all time high," Dillard told Hill. "But… when you step back it's not surprising. This community loves to give. Add in the Jaguars and things will always get weird."