Is Manning worth the risk after missing preseason?

This quarterback is a gamer. He never misses a game, and this injury does not scare me at all. Who cares if he misses preseason because this guy is a veteran and he does not need preseason to get ready.

Think I am talking about Peyton Manning?

Uh no, this is what people were saying about Brett Favre last year.

How did that work out for him?

This is not to say that Manning is going to have a Favre-like meltdown, but missing an entire preseason because you are recovering from an injury is nothing to dismiss so easily, even if you are talking about one of the best quarterbacks of his era.

When pressed to choose between Manning, Philip Rivers or Drew Brees, that is no choice at all. And if somebody wants to snatch Manning before the fifth round, let them. You can continue to find more value at quarterback down the board.

Why is consensus to draft RB in Rd. 1 when last year 11 of top 13 fantasy players were QB's? - Cody Harvey (via Twitter)
Glad you asked, Cody. You are right -- quarterbacks are some of the best point scorers. But when you get outside of Michael Vick and Aaron Rodgers, the difference between your elite quarterbacks and your second-tier quarterbacks is rather small. But when you get past the elite running backs, the value drops tremendously. So that is important to grab your running back early before turning to your quarterback situation.

Hey Adam, i'm in a very awkward situation right now when it comes to my second RB position. I have Adrian Peterson and Jahvid Best at RB but I'm a little weary about Best being very productive this year. I was thinking about using Larry Fitzgerald and Jahvid best as bait to grab a solid RB (Mcfadden, Charles). Do you think this is a bad idea? Should I stick with what I got? - Ronald Larson (via Facebook)
Without seeing what WRs you would be left with, I would not be so quick to make a move here. Best could end up having a better season than you anticipate, and being paired with Adrian Peterson, that allows you to roll the dice a bit. Stick with what you have, and be ready to move on the wire if Best falters.

Hey Adam I have a 2 questions for you one offense and one defense, I'm in a 12 team league so players are kinda thin, but if you had to start Hines Ward, Johnny Knox or Lance Moore who would it be? And on defense I drafted Nnamdi Asomugha and Shawne Merriman, they are projected very low for the caliber of players they are. Do you think that is correct or will they surprise? Eduardo Alonso
Is this Ed Alonzo who played Max on Saved by the Bell? Oh wait, wrong spelling. Sorry Eduardo. Here is the deal, start Johnny Knox. He is that proverbial third-year receiver ready to make the leap, and let's be honest, Roy Williams is not going to get it done. Your two big-name defensive guys are tough because Nnamdi does not get interceptions because nobody throws at him. But Merriman could have some upside if healthy.

Adam, you messaged my friend Ty Shute back....we are in the same fantasy league and it will come down to us winning is my starting roster...Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson, Darren McFadden, Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Steve Johnson, Vernon Davis, and I have Sidney Rice on the bench....which of my two quarterbacks would you use for trade bait and are there any spots on my rosters you think could be better by trading one of those two QBs? - Kurt Brooks (via Facebook)
But Ty asked me not to help you out, so you are on your own. Just kidding. If you can get somebody to take Peyton Manning off your hands, jump at the chance. But you are pretty stacked. How many teams are in this league, six?

So I have Dez Bryant and Ryan Mathews to take as keepers, who should I keep? Also, should I keep Wes Welker or Jeremy Maclin??? I want Wes cause I am a Pats fan, but I know Vick and Maclin have some chemistry. Who is the better fantasy WR? - Matthew Ellis
Tough choice on Mathews, I hate to give up on running backs so early in a keeper league, so I would lean towards keeping him and hope that you can get Dez back in the redraft. Maclin is a bigger home run hitter over Welker, and has better long-term value as a keeper. Tough choices, though.

I have a trade question for you. In my ten-team league I drafted Freeman as my only QB. I would like to trade for Roethlisberger, but I have to give up one of my running backs in this trade: CJY2K, DeAngelo Williams, Knowshon Moreno, Ryan Grant or LeGarrette Blount. I was thinking Moreno or Grant, but I can't make up my mind. - Jeff Klenow
Jeff, be sure to recognize that you are dealing from a position of strength because if you open up the season with this as your starting lineup, then you are in pretty good shape. Chris Johnson and Blount should be your starters. I would try to keep Moreno for a flex spot. Not sure that you are going to be able to package the other guys to make a worthwhile deal for you. I would stay still if possible, but there is nothing wrong to see if you can get a guy to bite on a Roethilsberger deal.

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