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Fix My Flex: Stop sleeping on Taylor Gabriel

You've figured out most of your starting lineup. Quarterback? Check. Running backs? Check. Receivers, tight ends, kicker and defense? Check, check, check and check. But there's still that pesky flex spot. Do you go with that mid-round running back you drafted for this exact purpose? What about that wide receiver that has a favorable matchup this week? Then there are you masochists who play in superflex leagues. Godspeed to all of you.

If you're looking for help, you've come to the right place. Every week in this space I'll do my best to help you #FixMyFlex. Well, actually I'll try to fix YOUR flex. But that's not how the hashtag goes. I guess it just wasn't quite as catchy. Anyway, you've got problems, I've got answers. Here we go.

Both players are facing secondaries that haven't given up a whole lot in the passing game this season. The difference is that the Dolphins are a little bit healthier than the Jets. Buster Skrine and Trumaine Johnson both missed practice earlier in the week and aren't certain to be in the lineup this weekend against Minnesota. As long as that's the case, then Stefon Diggs has the edge for me this week.

The emergence of Keke Coutee has pushed Will Fuller to the background in the Texans offense. With Deshaun Watson continually under pressure, he's looking more frequently toward his slot receiver in order to get the ball out quicker. Add to it that the Jaguars have struggled mightily against slot receivers this year (hello, Cole Beasley) and Coutee gets the nod.

I expect the Return of Smokey this week against the Saints. New Orleans has been beaten deep along the left side of the defense fairly regularly. That's where Ken Crawley generally lines up -- it's also where Brown lines up most of the time. Look for Joe Flacco to take a few deep shots and connect a couple of times with Brown for some big plays.

I grudgingly got on the Lamar Miller wagon train this preseason and it has now broken down in the middle of the trail with no signs of progressing much further. Miller has underperformed, is dealing with injuries and facing the prospect of losing touches to D'Onta Foreman. Meanwhile, it looks like Marquise Goodwin is getting healthy and has a pretty good matchup against the Rams this week -- even if it doesn't appear that way on paper. In the past month, receivers have caught 10 touchdowns passes against the Rams secondary, most allowed in the NFL during that stretch.

Mike Evans has underwhelmed this year and it's not certain that Jameis Winston's return is going to necessarily jumpstart him. Boyd, on the other hand, has been lights out nearly all season and gets the benefit of facing the worst defense in the league. We've been picking on the Chiefs defense all season ... I see no reason to stop now.

If all things were equal, I'd say Dalvin Cook but his lingering injuries have me a little nervous right now. I mentioned earlier why I'm fading Will Fuller. Ito Smith is incredibly touchdown dependent and Nyheim Hines lost a ton of snaps after Marlon Mack returned to the field. By process of elimination, that leaves Carlos Hyde. He has the benefit of playing the woeful Buccaneers, in the midst of a coordinator change. The volume is there and the matchup is solid.

I mentioned above that I really like Boyd this week but I going to take White in this instance. Now that the Patriots have their full arsenal available, defenses can't focus their attention too intently on any one aspect of the offense. It's part of what has made James White and Sony Michel such a deadly duo. White is seeing more touches per game than Boyd (no surprise for a running back) and is doing just as much -- or more -- with them. Even against a good Bears defense, I'm okay with the Pats back.

Ito Smith was a popular question this week. The touchdowns are great but they're literally the only thing giving him any value at all. His yardage totals give you no reason for excitement. I've given up on the Jaguars receivers. No one has truly asserted himself within that group and their quarterback issues aren't helping. Corey Clement might be splitting snaps with Wendell Smallwood but it appears that with the Eagles offense improving, there is room for both players to succeed. That's the direction I would go.

Marcas Grant is a fantasy editor for and a man who thinks the almond milk in his fridge has gone bad. Send him your questionable food choices via Twitter @MarcasG. If you read all of that, congrats. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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