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Fix My Flex: Marlon Mack on many minds this week

You've figured out most of your starting lineup. Quarterback? Check. Running backs? Check. Receivers, tight ends, kicker and defense? Check, check, check and check. But there's still that pesky flex spot. Do you go with that mid-round running back you drafted for this exact purpose? What about that wide receiver that has a favorable matchup this week? Then there are you masochists who play in superflex leagues. Godspeed to all of you.

If you're looking for help, you've come to the right place. Every week in this space I'll do my best to help you #FixMyFlex. Well, actually I'll try to fix YOUR flex. But that's not how the hashtag goes. I guess it just wasn't quite as catchy. Anyway, you've got problems, I've got answers. Here we go.

First, this just feels like the ultimate humblebrag. Second, I'm hoping that you mean "benched" and not actually "dropped" because ... man. Anyway, if there's an odd man out in this group, it's probably Keenan Allen. It's been nice to see Philip Rivers looking his way more in recent weeks but this week could feature Allen facing off against Patrick Peterson. Add to it that the Cardinals can't stop the run and the Chargers could lean heavily on Melvin Gordon this week. It's a tough sit, but the matchup suggests it's the best one.

This one is a tough call because both players are seeing a lot of work in their respective offenses. But here, I'm going with James White. The Patriots historically have been very good coming off their bye weeks and James White continues to be the focal point of New England's offense. As much as Mack should find success against Miami's bad run defense, Indy's offensive attack is still predicated on Andrew Luck throwing the football. Both guys are good starts this week but I'd give the slight advantage to White.

The answer for me is a resounding D.J. Moore. Before the season, I thought he could make an impact player for Carolina and the past few weeks have shown that to be the case. Add to it that the Seahawks haven't done much to slow down opposing receivers lately and things seem to stack in Moore's favor. DeSean Jackson has been so boom-or-bust all year that he's hard to trust and Keke Coutee's matchup against the Titans doesn't inspire a lot of confidence.

I would avoid Larry Fitzgerald however you can this week. The only thing really working in his favor is the potential game script if the Chargers jump out to a lead. Los Angeles has Joey Bosa back to bolster their pass rush against a bad Cardinals offensive line. Coutee's matchup against the Titans isn't super encouraging but Houston's offense has shown a greater level of competence moving the football and Deshaun Watson is currently a much better quarterback than Josh Rosen.

My feelings about Larry Fitzgerald extend to Christian Kirk this week. As much as Josh Adams has become a fantasy darling in the past week, it's worth nothing that his season-high is single game touches is ... 10. That's it. That's not a lot of opportunity to work with. That leaves Goodwin, facing an abysmal Buccaneers defense. It also helps that Nick Mullens has proven to be a competent option at quarterback, so I'd use the 49ers speedster in Week 12.

I'd go with Hilton with no hesitation. It's amazing that Mike Evans is currently the WR9 when you look at his week-to-week inconsistency. I mentioned Adams' lack of touches as a reason to worry about him this week. Meanwhile, the Colts passing game is clicking as well as any in the league this week and Hilton has been in the middle of it. Giddy up.

It was nice to hear Mike Zimmer say that the Vikings need to run the ball more and there's a chance for him to put up a decent number against a mediocre Packers run defense. But this offense still needs to find ways to get the ball to Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen to truly be successful. As for the Bengals, it looks likely that A.J. Green will be out yet again this week, limiting the offense yet again. In which case, Cincy will have to survive on a heavy diet of Joe Mixon in order to be successful against the Browns. I'd go with Mixon based on potential volume this week.

Marcas Grant is a fantasy editor for and a man who is pretty glad that his pie turned out okay. Send him your culinary successes via Twitter @MarcasG. If you read all of that, congrats. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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