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Falcons OC Zac Robinson: Shared history with QB Kirk Cousins is 'comfort' for first season

Zac Robinson is entering his first season as the Falcons' offensive coordinator.

Robinson has taken on various roles in the NFL, including serving as an assistant wide receivers coach, assistant quarterbacks coach and quarterbacks/passing game coordinator with the Los Angeles Rams. Even though this will be Robinson's first time as an OC, the 37-year-old feels comfortable working with veteran quarterback Kirk Cousins as they both enter their first season in Atlanta.

"This is my first time doing (this)," Robinson said, via the team website. "So having the comfort of a veteran quarterback like Kirk that's coming from this type of system, (I) couldn't ask for anything better."

Before signing with the Falcons, Cousins played six seasons with the Minnesota Vikings (2018-23) and six in Washington (2012-2017). In Minnesota, Cousins most recently played under head coach Kevin O'Connell, who comes from the Sean McVay coaching tree like Robinson. From 2014-16, McVay was Cousins' offensive coordinator.

With Cousins learning from all the different offensive play-callers in his career, Robinson has been impressed with the way the four-time Pro Bowler has been taking in information watching film.

"He can recall things from when he had Klint Kubiak as his offensive coordinator," Robinson said. "Then, obviously, recently with O'Connell. He can kind of take some of those things that he's had with Kevin the last couple years and apply it to what we're doing here. There's still some new stuff, so he's still learning a few new things, but you see right away how well he sees defenses."

The Falcons are underway with offseason team activities, and Cousins participating in non-contact sessions is a step in the right direction. As Robinson heads into his first training camp in June, Cousins has faith in his new OC as both enter their first season in Atlanta.

"I think Zac has a great football mind," Cousins said. "I think he's a hard worker, and I think he's got a great way about him. The guys respond to him. We're checking a lot of boxes from that standpoint. It's about us. As players, we keep saying the same thing that we've got to put the work in to build that shared history so that we can play in such a way this fall that it looks like we've been together for five years."

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