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Colts QB Anthony Richardson 'on a mission' in comeback from shoulder surgery

Indianapolis Colts second-year quarterback Anthony Richardson continues to make strides getting ready for the 2024 campaign.

Richardson's rookie season was sideswiped after just 162 snaps over four starts. He underwent season-ending shoulder surgery in October on his throwing arm following an AC joint sprain. The QB began throwing in February and remains on a pitch count but is making steady progress.

ESPN's Stephen Holder recently traveled to Jacksonville to visit Richardson for a workout. The quarterback throws around 40 passes per day and performs other rehab work to ensure he's ramped up and stable for the season.

"I've never waited this long to get back to playing football," Richardson told Holder. "I'm just on a mission this year. Once that mission's complete, then I'll be good."

The youngster shined in his brief appearance as a rookie, showing better-than-expected anticipation, a massive arm, and dynamic escape ability with his legs. After working through struggles with his fastball early in rehab, Richardson appears back to his big-armed self. At this point in the process, he's working on getting the timing and feeling back, sometimes having to curtail a desire to push it too hard. Those days can come later this summer.

Richardson, who turns 22 next month, is younger than most of the quarterbacks set to be selected in the 2024 NFL Draft. After losing out on most of his rookie season, his mission is to prove he's everything he displayed and more.

"People didn't really get to see everything I could do on the field," he told Holder. "So, it's kind of like a rookie season for me still. But now I've gained a lot more knowledge and understanding about football and the NFL. So, I'm a rookie at heart, but now I'm slowly turning into the leader that my team needs me to be. I'm ready for every opportunity that's in front of me."

The No. 4 overall pick last season certainly showed enticing talent and more readiness for the pro game than most prognosticators expected. The key now for the Colts is keeping Richardson on the field.

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