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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, his Super Bowl rings get involved on WWE 'Monday Night Raw'

Members of the Kansas City Chiefs were babyfaces and heels on Monday night.

None other than reigning Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Patrick Mahomes was front row at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City for WWE's Monday Night Raw and got involved in the action.

Mahomes, who was bookended by Chiefs center Creed Humphrey and guard Trey Smith, bestowed social media megastar and WWE United States champion Logan Paul with all three of his Super Bowl rings to use as some very expensive brass knucks against fan favorite Jey Uso, but the plan went awry in vintage pro wrestling form.

It didn't matter, however, as Mahomes and his offensive linemen were cheered vociferously by the hometown faithful, who came to see some WWE histrionics and got to see their Super Bowl champs involved, as well.

Mahomes was seen entering the T-Mobile Center with Paul and members of the Judgement Day, one of the WWE's hottest factions, which includes world heavyweight champion Damian Priest, Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio and JD McDonagh.

Paul gave a shoutout to Mahomes later in the night. Shortly thereafter, Paul, though not a member of the Judgement Day, was teaming up with Balor and McDonagh to beat down Uso. Paul left the ring and found his new buddy Mahomes, who slipped his three Super Bowl rings (can't imagine they were the authentic versions) to Paul.

For the first time ever, though, Mahomes' rings were linked to a loss, as Paul's punch missed the intended Uso and lambasted McDonagh instead.

Minutes later, babyface (wrestling jargon for good guy) Braun Stroman came to Uso's aid and then found Mahomes in the front row. As Strowman confronted a standing Mahomes, Smith and Humphrey rose to their feet and their quarterback's protection. Much to the relief and elation of Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, Brett Veach and the entire Hunt family, there was no physicality.

Though Mahomes' -- and his rings' -- involvement shook up social media and stood out among the WWE's weekly theatrics, there was also a very real and uplifting moment involving Smith and Humphrey.

Amid the tragedy of the shooting at the Chiefs' Super Bowl parade came the story of Smith and other Chiefs players helping to keep people calm and sheltered. One such tale of heroism involved Smith giving his WWE Chiefs championship belt to a young boy to help him through the ordeal, assuring him he would be OK.

The young boy was Joey Borgonzi, son of Chiefs assistant general manager Mike Borgonzi.

On Monday, Borgonzi was in the center of the ring in Kansas City, drawing hearty cheers with a Chiefs belt draped over him before his old pal Smith and Humphrey hoisted him onto their shoulders for an ever louder ovation.

Mahomes' plan went awry as his Super Bowl rings were used in dastardly fashion.

However, little Joey Borgonzi and the Chiefs' Humphrey and Smith might well have been the most celebrated good guys on the evening.

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