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Charvarius Ward: Super Bowl loss will make 49ers 'a little hungrier'

The San Francisco 49ers are coming off another what-if playoff run, falling short in overtime in a Super Bowl LVIII loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Charvarius Ward, who's both won a Super Bowl and been on the losing end twice, told Kay Adams on the Up & Adams Show that there can be a silver lining to losing a championship.

"It [will] make you a little hungrier," Ward said. "Obviously you've got to change something because you didn't win the Super Bowl. You can't go in there and be the exact same team and do the exact same stuff and expect to win the Super Bowl the next year.

"So I think the losses, they make you stronger, they make you go harder, they challenge you to be better at something. Maybe we don't know what we got to be better at yet, but obviously got to go in there and work, and figure it out to dethrone the champions."

Ward played through a core muscle injury during last year's Super Bowl run and added that while he's "still rehabbing," he expects to be on the field for training camp in July.

That's when the 49ers will attempt to wash away their latest playoff disappointment. In past five seasons, San Francisco has lost a Super Bowl, missed the postseason, lost in the NFC championship, lost in the NFC title game again and fell in overtime in the Super Bowl. Once again, Kyle Shanahan's club will look to get over that Lombardi hump finally.

If each defeat made Niners players a little hungrier each time, they're starving by now.

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