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Brandon Scherff has fun with creature on golf course

Brandon Scherff is a man of the outdoors.

Twitter tells us the Washington Redskins guard is an avid hunter (honestly, turkeys would put Scherff atop their most wanted list if they didn't have such tiny, stupid brains). Point being, Scherff is no city boy and he's not afraid to interact with nature.

This was on shining display Friday morning, when Scherff grabbed what appears to be a snapping turtle by its tail during a golf outing with teammate Tress Way.

It's unclear if the beast is alive or not, but if so, Scherff needs to rethink some of his seemingly minor life decisions.

The End Around did some digging -- we're deep-dive journalists at heart -- and found that the snapping turtle, like certain prominent hip hop outfits from Staten Island, ain't nothing to [mess] with. According to the web article titled, "10 Biting Facts About Snapping Turtles", "an alligator snapping turtle [is] capable of slicing fingers clean off."

Oh, here's some pure terror!

OK, the (potentially deceased) turtle held by Scherff probably doesn't have the same chomping power of that modern-day dinosaur, but let's not get too cute here. Blocking Fletcher Cox is a lot more difficult with only 6.5 fingers or only a portion of your large intestines.

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