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Bills QB Josh Allen working to 'clean up' throwing motion ahead of seventh season

The greats never cease tweaking their game to improve.

This offseason, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is working on adjusting his throwing motion to make it "as efficient as possible."

"I wouldn't call it a complete overhaul of my throwing motion, but definitely some things to work on and clean up," Allen said, via Alaina Getzenberg of ESPN. "Getting long with my arm and a little bit with my stride. So just trying to clean that up. And anytime you go through something like that, sometimes it's going to feel really good, sometimes it's not going to feel really good. It's just like changing your swing in golf, as long as you're trusting it and you keep working on it, each and every day results will come."

If Tom Brady can work on his throwing motion and Tiger Woods can revamp his swing, everyone in sports can improve.

Allen noted that tweaking his motion isn't revolutionary, adding that every single QB has inefficiencies he can improve.

"You show me the perfect throw, I'll tell you something wrong with it probably," Allen said. "So just making sure I'm crossing the T's and dotting the I's there."

Allen added that he's adjusted his motion so much over the years he can barely recognize himself from his Wyoming college days.

"I'm like, 'Who's that throwing the ball?' And it's me," he said, looking at old videos. "It's kind of gross to look at it sometimes, but I don't think it's as gross anymore."

Last year, Allen played better than anecdotally accepted nationally, getting snubbed for the Pro Bowl. The biggest downer in his game was the career-high 18 interceptions. After overhauling the receiver room this offseason, the Bills are counting heavily on the 28-year-old QB carrying the offense in 2024.

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