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Andy Dalton: Panthers' improvements will set up Bryce Young 'to have a better year' in 2024

Bryce Young experienced a nightmarish rookie campaign for the two-win Carolina Panthers.

Everything that could go wrong for the former Alabama quarterback did last season. From porous blocking to receivers who couldn't separate to a sad complementary rushing attack to his own lack of development and slipping of fundamentals, it was a rough go for the 2023 No. 1 overall pick.

Andy Dalton, inked last offseason to be a veteran mentor and retained through the coaching change, told The Jim Rome Show that he believes Young battled through the adversity well and will be better for it.

"Yeah, I thought he handled it well," Dalton said. "You know, he's never in his life had a season like that and had to handle the adversity that he had to deal with. It was a tough year. And then you throw in losing your head coach after 11 games and changes on offense all the things that went into it, it was tough. So I think for him, I thought he handled it well, and I kept telling him, just stay the course."

Dalton, a 13-year veteran, has seen his own share of adversity, from postseason struggles during his nine years in Cincinnati to bouncing around four teams the past five seasons.

The Panthers focused their offseason on buoying Young in Year 2. They hired head coach Dave Canales, who helped turn around the careers of Geno Smith and Baker Mayfield in recent seasons. They spent big money on guards Robert Hunt and Damien Lewis to secure interior protection. They also swung a sizable trade for receiver Diontae Johnson, who should provide Young with a playmaker who can get open regularly.

"This thing is going to get better, it's going to improve," Dalton said. "And I think what we have done this offseason, bringing in some guys, bringing in a couple guards on the offensive line, you know, different things, trading for Diontae Johnson, I think it's getting built the right way where, yeah, it's going to set him up to have a better year."

Given how much the Panthers invested in Young -- including shipping a 2024 first-round pick to Chicago, which became the No. 1 selection -- it must work out, or the entire operation will be set back years. Carolina invested in surrounding Young with better conditions this season. Now, the quarterback must show the improvement that Dalton and others expect.

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