Winter sports' next superstar: Alvin Kamara?

Alvin Kamara just earned a spot on his fourth Pro Bowl roster.

He might also earn a spot on his first Winter Olympics team.

The Saints' do-it-all superstar left the Big Easy for a vacation in Big Sky Country this week. And in Montana, Kamara is learning he's as dominant on snow and ice as he is on a gridiron.

Watch this footage he took after one day -- one day! -- on a snowboard.

Kamara looks like a natural, but even naturals wipe out. Good thing he knows how to take a little contact.

By his second day, Kamara was a full-fledged snow bro. The Tennessee product found a Nashville Predators jersey. He started busting out tricks. The X Games had seen enough to offer an invitation.

Kamara's weighing that invite with his hockey career blossoming. As it turns out, he's very good at that, too.

Normal folks need months to learn what Kamara mastered this week. We know his unique blend of speed and balance works in cleats. It's no surprise it works on skates and boards, too.

It's also no surprise Kamara's setting up shop in Montana. That invitation to Beijing in 2022 isn't just going to send itself.