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2021 NFL Fantasy Football Start 'Em, Sit 'Em Week 5: Intro

You have lineup questions. We have answers. At least we hope. Start 'Em & Sit 'Em has helped fantasy managers for years make those pressing lineup decisions. And you know what is a good decision? Starting Patrick Mahomes. But that's too obvious, so you won't see that here. Instead here are some of the most-pressing questions. And, if you can't find a player you are looking for, please check out latest NFL Fantasy lineup rankings right here.

If there is one player who I advocated for a lot, but didn't end up getting enough shares of, it's easily Saquon Barkley. Like, it felt weird this whole offseason having to defend him as one of the best running backs in the NFL, only for people to just brush off the advice. It's kind of like when I beseeched people to watch Happy Endings when it was on ABC during its run in 2013, and nobody wanted to jump aboard. And now I'm looking at a bunch of people who have started to discover the series on Netflix who are raving about it. Like they just made some grand discovery that nobody had ever heard of.

Because we're starting to see a lot of chatter about Barkley now that he scored nearly 30 fantasy points against the Saints on Sunday. Dude has started to put up over 25 fantasy points per game over his last two and it seems like we have the Saquon of old back in our lives and I'm here for it. Sorry if this wasn't earth-shattering or anything, but just wanted to put that out in the universe. And to shame those who spoke ill of Barkley before the year and are now sending in low-ball trade offers for him.

Before we settle into starts and sits this week, a few things I would love to address.

I'll talk about the Bears this week. David Montgomery is out. Damien Williams is indeed a play. But what is Matt Nagy doing with the Andy Dalton bit? Is it really that much gamesmanship that we really need to keep our starting quarterback a secret? Like NFL coaches hadn't figured out a way to stop Andy Dalton years ago?

The Browns defense has looked amazing over the last couple of weeks. And after you see what happened to Kirk Cousins, maybe the Bears aren't that bad. But I bring this up because this could be a tough matchup for the Chargers this week. I'm not afraid of starting any of the notable Chargers this week. They are good to go.

Also, Vic Fangio comes off like one of your family members who was a little too upset that the Monopoly game got a little chirpy after Thanksgiving. Getting big mad at John Harbaugh for extending his record. As somebody who dabbles in fantasy football, I'll take a positive gain over the negative yards we get for kneel downs, so thank you for doing that John. We in the fantasy community salute you.

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