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Wide receiver Tyreek Hill talks desire to retire as a Dolphin: 'I want to stay in Miami forever'

Tyreek Hill's first two seasons in Miami earned the Cheetah back-to-back All-Pro honors, and he's averaged over 100 yards per game with the Dolphins.

Hill wants to keep the good times rolling in South Beach.

"I love Miami. I love every bit of it," Hill said in an appearance on the Around The Bar podcast, via Dolphins Wire. "My wife loves it, my kids love it, my mom loves it. It's just a beautiful city to live in, man. There's so much stuff to do.

"I would like to retire in Miami, but we all know how the NFL is, how jobs go, and people getting promotions over here, and -- you know -- we understand that. But Miami is a great city, man. I love the team I play on, love the guys in the locker room, love the head coach, love the GM. So that means sign me. I love all you guys so much, I want to stay in Miami forever, man. Keep me there."

Hill isn't going anywhere in the short term as the Dolphins reload for another postseason run. The recent signing of Odell Beckham Jr. to a one-year incentive-laden contract is meant to upgrade the offense around Hill, not replace him by any stretch.

You never know how future seasons will unfold for a 30-year-old receiver whose game is predicated on speed. Certainly, few saw the Chiefs trading Hill to Miami when they did in 2022.

Hill is under contract for the next three seasons in Miami but might look for a new deal as early as next year. There is no more guaranteed money on his contract starting in 2025. If things get sticky -- as they did in K.C. -- the Dolphins could look to move on as early as next season.

The final year of Hill's deal in 2026 is an inflated value with a $43.9 million base salary and a $56.3 million salary cap number. It's safe to assume Hill won't play on that 2026 figure. Either an extension within the next two years will lower that figure and give Hill his wish to remain in Miami for the end of his career, or the Dolphins will move on and save $45 million on the cap.

However the next few seasons play out for Hill, he plans on torching defensive backs until he can no longer wheel.

"I'm trying to use these legs until these legs don't work no more," Hill said when asked about retirement.

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