Watch Tony Romo's perfect Brady, Manning, and Favre impressions

Drop the name of a legendary quarterback.

Chances are, Tony Romo can absolutely nail their throwing motion.

The QB-turned-announcer was put directly on the spot during Tuesday night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live." And boy, did Romo deliver some spot-on impressions.

These aren't the gesticulations of an SNL cast member or a standup comedian. They're the work of a man who has watched years and years and years and years of football tape.

It's no surprise that Romo picks up on the smallest idiosyncrasies -- how Tom Brady tucks his left arm in during his follow through or Brett Favre's old pre-throw shuffle. Football nerds eat that stuff up.

Speaking of which, Kimmel said he first discovered Romo's gift at a dinner party. Credit the host for not letting his guest leave until he shared his QB-mimicking stills with the world.