Garrett has 'tremendous' faith in Linehan

The Dallas Cowboys finished the 2017 regular season ranked a respectable 14th in total offense (331.9 yards per game) and scoring (22.1 points per game), which aren't bad on the surface.

But the spotlight should fall on how the Cowboys closed the season in the final eight games, a span where the team averaged 16 points per game and quarterback Dak Prescott threw just six touchdown passes while topping 200 yards passing just twice.

The struggles carried over to Week 1's 16-8 loss to the Carolina Panthers, prompting coach Jason Garrett to address a question Monday whether a scenario existed where he would consider getting more involved in play calling, a responsibility currently held by offensive coordinator Scott Linehan.

"I have a tremendous amount of faith in Scott," Garrett told reporters, via the Cowboys' official website. "We just have to do a better job collectively as a staff and as an offensive unit to help us move the football and score some points."

While Linehan has fallen in the crosshairs of criticism given the team's offensive output, the Cowboys are transitioning this season without tight end Jason Witten and wide receiver Dez Bryant, who didn't hold back on social media when it came to his former team's struggles against the Panthers.

Prescott once again failed to top 200 yards passing and running back Ezekiel Elliott totaled just 69 yards rushing and a touchdown on 15 carries.

The Cowboys' offense proved sluggish in Week 1, but Garrett gave a vote of confidence to Linehan. The head coach also prefers to look ahead with a focus on what he and his coaching staff can do to put the current roster in position to succeed.

"You've heard me say this before, but the best offenses have a lot of things that they can get to," Garrett told reporters. "Givens are what we call them -- things they can call and they know they're going to have some success.

"We don't have enough of those right now. We just have to do a better job trying to create those as a coaching staff, and then we have to execute once the ball is snapped."

The Cowboys have the upcoming week to figure a way to jumpstart the offense, which totaled just 232 net yards in the season-opening loss.

Part of the solution could surround getting off to a fast start with better play calls, which the Cowboys will need in a divisional matchup against the New York Giants in Week 2.