Competition Committee not expected to recommend DPI rule change

The NFL's Competition Committee is hitting the breaks on momentum to change defensive pass interference to a 15-yard penalty.

NFL Network's Judy Battista reported Thursday the committee is not in favor of changing the spot foul to a standard 15-yard violation and is not expected to recommend approval to owners at next week's Annual League Meeting.

Battista's report comes after league executive vice president Troy Vincent told ESPN there was some "momentum" in discussing the rule change.

That drive quickly fizzled.

The push to change the rule likely sputtered when coaches became involved in the discussion. The biggest concern with making DPI a 15-yard penalty is that it could incentivize defensive backs to grab receivers if they're beat deep. Those in favor of changing the rule cited the impact a single, subjective, big pass interference call can have in the outcome of the game. In 2017 there were 129 defensive pass interference penalties of more than 15 yards, per ESPN.

In the end, the Competition Committee elected to keep the status quo.