Steelers' James found relief after Patriots' SB loss

Jesse James is synonymous with more than just an outlaw these days.

The Pittsburgh Steelers tight end has become the poster boy for the "What the heck is a catch?" movement following his potential winning touchdown versus the New England Patriots being reversed upon review.

James told Josh Moyer of the Centre Daily Times he hears about the play almost daily, and only found relief when the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Patriots to win the Super Bowl.

"I don't feel like I gave them a Super Bowl with that," James said. "So I'm over it now, but it's going to be a topic of conversation until the rule gets changed -- or it doesn't."

The tight end's apparent winning touchdown against New England was overruled after it was determined the ball came loose on the way to the ground as he stretched over the goal line. Ben Roethlisberger threw an interception two plays later that wiped away a chance for overtime and eventually allowed the Patriots to earn home-field advantage.

"It's brought up all the time," James said of the play. "Anytime you talk football, it's going to be brought up -- especially the weeks that followed it. There were a bunch of controversial calls, and it kept going. It's just the way that happened."

Added James: "I hear random guys talking at the bar about it right next to me. Yeah, it's a controversial play and being in the center of it in a negative way is not great. But it is what it is."

The infamous play could become the impetus for a complete catch rule overhaul, which has been needed for years. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has said several times the past months that the NFL's Competition Committee will look to clarify the rule.

If James' non-catch is the final straw that broke the tedious catch rule, we could all be thanking him one day.