Doug Pederson knows Eagles 'can't keep everybody'

As the Philadelphia Eagles prepare to host a massive parade to celebrate their Super Bowl LII victory over the New England Patriots, coach Doug Pederson is aware of the cost of that success.

"As you know, the nature of the business is you can't keep everybody, that's just the way it goes," Pederson said, via NBC Sports Philadelphia. "But the ones that are here? My mindset is to be back to do it again and to keep doing it and keep doing it."

The NFL is a league of parity in part because of a salary cap that keeps teams from hoarding the best players. Even teams who grew up together, like the Seattle Seahawks, eventually see their talent slowly erode.

Pederson wants to be a dynasty, not just a one-hit wonder, and knows that that comes with different challenges than the ones the Eagles faced in 2017.

"These guys are well deserving of everything that they are going to be exposed to in the next coming weeks, coming months," Pederson said. "And there's a side of success that's not the glamorous side, and it's the side that's ... 'Who's going to hold out in OTAs? Who's going to want the next big contract? Who's going to miss this or that for an endorsement deal or an autograph signing? It's the not-so-glamorous side of success.

"And that was a little bit of the messaging this morning to the guys. I told them, 'If you want, get used to this. This is the new norm in Philadelphia. Hopefully playing into February every year. It's the new norm so get used to it. Short offseasons. So let's do that.'

"The guys that want to be part of that, they'll do that. The guys that want to be here, and I think everybody does want to be here."

Everyone might want to remain in Philly, but they all can't. The Eagles are currently projected to be over the salary cap for 2018, per While moving money around to get under shouldn't be a huge issue for GM Howie Roseman, it will likely prevent him from keeping some periphery players to his core.

Questions about the Eagles possibly trading Nick Foles are sure to float around all offseason in a QB-starved league. Players like LeGarrette Blount, Dannell Ellerbe and Nigel Bradham are starters set to hit the open market. Darren Sproles has said he does not want to retire. Then there are the key reserves like corner Patrick Robinson, who had a career year and could make more on the open market.

Like most years, the decisions won't be easy for Roseman and the Eagles. But those tough choices are easier to swallow while wearing a Super Bowl ring.