Blizzard Bowl film of Colts disrupts Broncos' game prep

The Blizzard Bowl in Buffalo has more collateral damage: The Denver Broncos' preparation for the Indianapolis Colts.

Broncos coach Vance Joseph said the streaking snow camouflaged the Colts so much that the game recording was unusable to prepare for Thursday night's game.

"We tried to watch it, but you can't, you can't see it," said Broncos coach Vance Joseph, via ESPN. "[The Colts] are wearing all white, it wasn't worth watching. I watched about 15 plays and ... we pulled it out of our breakdown."

The Broncos head to Indy after having snapped their eight-game losing streak. Thursday night's tilt has no playoff implications, but it could shuffle the top of the 2018 NFL Draft.

While Colts coach Chuck Pagano worried about his team's conditioning on a short week after running for three hours in eight inches of snow, Joseph said Indy could have the advantage on Thursday after the footing lessened the physicality of the Blizzard Bowl.

"Physically it's probably better, because it's snow, everybody was moving really slow, the contact slows down a lot," Joseph said. "It kind of helps those guys."

The game conditions forced the Colts to run the ball 46 times Sunday, while Jacoby Brissett threw just 22 passes. Even if Denver coaches could see the players properly, that game plan likely wouldn't help them prepare. Instead, they'll have to go further into the database to scout for Thursday's night game.

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