Mike McCarthy: 'Right decision' to attempt 57-yard FG

Mike McCarthy stood by his decision to attempt a 57-yard field goal at Heinz Field in Sunday night's tilt versus the Steelers in Pittsburgh.

The Green Bay Packers scored a go-ahead touchdown on the first possession of the second half. Following an interception of Ben Roethlisberger, Green Bay marched into field-goal range. However, two sacks of Brett Hundley pushed the Pack back to the 39-yard-line.

Instead of pinning the Steelers deep and forcing a long march for a score, McCarthy opted for the uber-long attempt. When Mason Crosby's attempt missed, it set up a quick Steelers score to tie the game. Pittsburgh latter won the game with a Chris Boswell 53-yarder going in the same direction.

"We had a mark for going north and south," McCarthy said of Crosby's range, via the Green Bay Press-Gazette. "That was right on the fringe. I obviously have a lot of faith and trust in Mason."

Faith in a player is admirable. The decision-making in the face of a nearly impossible situation, at a field notoriously difficult on kickers, is debatable.

McCarthy is generally aggressive when it comes to kicking situations such as the one he encountered on Sunday night. The coach defended the decision by pointing to the need to pile up points against Antonio Brown and the Steelers.

"Absolutely," he said. "We knew we needed points. You look at the flow of the game. You look at time of possession. Those are the things you're thinking about all through the course of the game. How long has your defense been on the field?

"That's the right decision."

The decision not only jumpstarted the Steelers offense, giving it a short field, but it also woke up the Heinz Field crowd, providing juice for the home team. In a three-point loss, the choice proved to be costly.