Joey Bosa still playing through finger dislocation from 2016

If you need another example that Joey Bosa is a tough son of a gun, we bring you this: The Los Angeles Chargers' defensive end is still playing through a dislocated finger from last season.

NFL Network's Alex Flanagan reported on Inside Training Camp Live that she spoke with Bosa about his finger getting taped during Sunday's practice. Bosa said the finger he hurt last October is still dislocated.

Per Flanagan, Bosa opted not to have surgery this offseason due to the lengthy recovery period. He could undergo a procedure after this season after playing with the dislocation. Bosa said the dislocated finger doesn't hurt when tapped, but can be painful if he forgets to tape it -- as he did for the early portion of Sunday's practice.

Given that Bosa won the Defensive Rookie of the Year honors while playing through the dislocation last year, we have zero worries about it hindering him in 2017. This story is just the latest reminder that NFL players are not normal human beings.