Belichick: Patriots done celebrating, 'need to move on to 2017'

Bill Belichick is on to 2017.

The New England Patriots coach is done celebrating the historic 2016 Super Bowl comeback after last weekend's ring ceremony.

"It was a great night, but, really, we need to move on to 2017," Belichick said, via the team's official website. "You know, we've had enough parades, enough celebrations and enough everything. This '17 team hasn't done anything yet -- none of us have. We really need to focus on what we're doing this year. There have been a lot of great moments in the past, which is great, but that isn't going to help us this year."

Belichick always has his eye on what's next, not fretting about or reveling in the past. His players clearly got the message this week.

"Yeah, I could say for me personally it does that," Julian Edelman said when asked if the ring ceremony capped the 2016 season. "Sixteen was fun but '16 is over. It's '17 now. There are no champions. Everyone's got the same record. Everyone is working hard in heat. So it's one of those things where the teams that can go out and take advantage of these times and really mold together are usually the teams that come out and have good starts to their seasons, so that's what I'm trying to do personally."

With a loaded roster heading into 2017, the Patriots enter the season as the favorites to bring home their sixth Lombardi Trophy.