Kevin James to play Sean Payton in Netflix film 'Home Team'

Size actor Kevin James up for a headset and a visor.

According to NBC Sports' Peter King, the "The King of Queens" and "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" star is in line to play Saints coach Sean Payton in the upcoming Netflix movie "Home Team."

The film will chronicle Payton's season spent coaching his son Connor's sixth-grade team during his Bountygate suspension -- which really did happen back in 2012.

The story was too good for Hollywood to ignore. Payton, one of the league's best offensive minds, didn't just oversee the Liberty Christian Warriors nine years ago. He called plays for the team, including some from his own Saints playbook.

Expect some trademark hijinks from James and producer Adam Sandler. None will blindside Payton; the coach read and edited the movie's script, according to King.

The film begins shooting in New Orleans and Los Angeles next month, but NFC South teams wasted no time picking up on the news.