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Rank's 11 Week 3 sleepers: Jay Cutler for the win

It was festive week in Los Angeles. Mostly because Jay Cutler was in town! All right, I might have been the only one who noticed. But what a great week it was!

I had almost bought a ticket for the Dolphins and Chargers game on Sunday to see Jay. Which makes sense seeing I'm the last Jay Cutler fan. But I just couldn't do it. I couldn't go out there and watch the coach we (the Bears) should have hired (Adam Gase) leading the quarterback we never should have gotten rid of. I didn't have the stomach to watch that in person. It was tough enough on television. But here's the real question. Do I have the guts to actually start Cutler this week in fantasy?

I know, you're probably not even reading this sentence right now. You've probably said, "LAWLZ," closed this window and have sought me out on Twitter to call me a Bears-loving moron.

And I'm not saying you're wrong. But Cutler is a great start this week against the Jets. That's right, the Dolphins are playing the Jets. You feel a little silly for defaming now, aren't you? Because you didn't realize it was the Jets. So you feel terrible? Don't you? It's cool. You don't have to say you're sorry.

Even then, you might be thinking to yourself, "aren't there other options at quarterback I can turn to?"

You mean like Eli Manning? I'm sure he's going to be available for you this week.

Trevor Siemian is a quarterback I love. I do remember getting laughed at for saying Siemian was a good player on Thursday's edition of Fantasy Live. But whatever. He is a good quarterback. I'm just not super keen on the matchup this week. The Bills defense has looked pretty good so far this season. The Bills rank fourth in total defense. They've allowed just 21 points in two games this year.

Andy Dalton is a decent choice but super risky given the way he's played. But he's got the Packers' alleged defense. But still, can you feel good about that? He's Jay Cutler without the meme.

Joe Flacco is another guy who is a possibility, but he's got the Jaguars who are pretty good.

So Jay Cutler it is, right? Well, probably not for you. But I'm doing it. If you're too scared to get on board with me, well, that's cool. Do what you want to do. But when he ends up with three touchdowns this week, speak well of me.

You have some other sleeper questions?

Who is that running back you've been talking about all year? Chris Carson

He really was the best-looking back for the Seahawks in the preseason. And there's a reason why I drafted him on just about every team I have. Unless somebody like Matt Harmon usurped me and grabbed him. I tell you, I missed out on a lot of Kareem Hunt and Dalvin Cook this year because my friends were rounds early in our fantasy drafts. Thankfully, the dudes in my Second City League hate me so I got them both. But the point here was about Carson. He had 93 rushing yards in Week 2. Added seven receiving yards. Which isn't much. But he's getting the volume. The line isn't great. So he might be end up being a better matchup play for you going forward. I don't want to get into FPA too soon this season. But the Titans can have a formidable defensive attack. But if you need somebody who looks to get the rock a lot, go with Carson.

Speaking of usurped. Who was that dude spelling Lamar Miller? D'Onta Foreman

Loved the way Foreman looked in limited reps in Week 2. Really good. And here's the thing. Miller is fine by NFL standards. There's nothing he does that's spectacular. He's fine. Like Olive Garden. The breadsticks are great. And that's it. But Foreman is somebody who could make a difference for you down the stretch. Like going to Romano Cucinca in Sunset Beach, Calif. He's more a stash than a play this week. But if you don't add him this week, you're probably not going to get him next.

Help, which Redskins running back should I be looking at? Samaje Perine

Chris Thompson is better in PPR leagues. But realize, he had just six touches in the game. I like Perine in an expanded role. We figured he'd be the guy at some point. That point could be now. He toted the ball 21 times and wasn't great with 67 rushing yards. But dude got better as the game wore on and got more than half of his rushing total on the winning drive. And if Washington was willing to trust him in the winning drive, fantasy enthusiasts should be able to do the same.

How about a wild stash: Elijah McGuire

This is the deepest of stashes. Trust me, I got a lot of curious looks when I threw his name out during one of our meetings this week. But I play in a lot of deep leagues. He was out-touched by Bilal Powell this week. But I'm not sure how much longer that is going to last.

I want to play an old running back: Chris Johnson

CJ took control of the Cardinals rushing attack. I'm not sure that's the best endorsement out there. But he's a top running back and I know a lot of you are desperate. The matchup against the Cowboys isn't terrible either.

Speaking of Cardinals, who is that WR catching all of those TDs: J.J. Nelson

Here's part of what I said about Nelson last week.

Am I really advocating this player because I called him going off on the "Danger Zone" last week and I just want to crow about it? Well, I'll never tell. At least not while the sun is shining. But I like Nelson as the deep threat in this Cardinals offense which likes to favor the bomb. Jaron Brown was a great option for those who covet targets. But I like big-play ability for my sleepers.

Am I really going with a Jets receiver? You are. His name is Jermaine Kearse.

Give me the most-targeted receiver in an offense that is going to be playing from behind. I'll take that every week. The Jets have the Dolphins this week, and it stands to reason they will be losing again. I know a lot of people will avoid players on bad teams. But that is where you can find the most value a lot of the time. So I'm good with Kearse.

Ah man, Corey Coleman was just becoming a thing. Who is next? Rashard Higgins

The fall from grace for Kenny Britt should be one of the least surprising stories of the year. We've seen that movie before, so how are we shocked by that plot twist? And with Coleman out, it was Higgins who garnered the majority of the targets. Eleven, in fact. And this is Rank's 11! How are you not sold on this?

What about the Browns tight end? Seth DeValve

DeValve was another "Danger Zone" player from last week. And I don't know, hitting on a huge 49-yarder and finishing with 61-yards means that he was a successful DZU player. Seriously. If you are forced to stream a TE and you get 6.1 fantasy points, that's a win.

Wait, what about this guy? Benjamin Watson

Joe Flacco likes to throw to his running backs. But he absolutely loves to go to his tight end. Dennis Pitta had 121 targets last year. Watson was there out-snapping the other tight ends on Sunday. He's a cagey veteran who has seemingly been in the NFL since I was in junior high. But you could do worse than the Ravens TE.

I need a streaming D/ST, who are the Jets playing? Miami Dolphins

I mentioned it right there off the top. You should have already put in your claim for the Dolphins D/ST. The Dolphins were pretty good against the Chargers last week, though it really didn't translate into fantasy points. My conjecture is they are a much better option against the Jets. Also check to see if somebody dropped the Rams.

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