Rank's 11 Week 15 Sleepers: Don't forget Dede

There is a scene in Ocean's 11 where Rusty Ryan is dealing cards to a bunch of the CW stars trying to teach them five-card stud. And, I believe it's Barry Watson who says, "I want four cards" and he's admonished by Ryan (Brad Pitt) saying that he wants to fold instead. I bring this up because whenever people ask for sleepers in Week 15, I often want to tell them that it's time to fold.

But, then Carson Wentz is out and might miss the rest of the season. We've missed some big-name running backs in recent weeks for a variety of reasons. I was in the green room of the Madden Classic on Saturday when I learned that OBJ was out for the week. Fun fact: I also saw that T.Y. Hilton was a game-time decision last week. So, I took him out of my lineup just in case. But, I had flown home on Saturday night on the redeye to be here for Good Morning Football Weekend, I ended up leaving him on my bench. It's like that announcement you hear from the captain about securing your oxygen mask before helping out others. I should have made sure my lineups were secure before I started dolling out fantasy advice on Sunday morning. (I still survived my matchup without Hilton).

Well, I guess I've wandered around long enough before it's time to just say, here are 11 sleepers for this week:

Josh Allen, QB, Buffalo Bills

I'm going to keep talking Allen up. He's a great option here after he has rushed for 335 yards since Week 12, the most in a three-game stretch for a quarterback since 1970. One thing I will let you know, the Lions have allowed seven rushing yards to quarterbacks over the last four weeks. But, you look at those quarterbacks -- Josh Rosen, Jared Goff, and Chase Daniel -- and they aren't the most prolific rushers. But that also includes an injured Cam Newton (shoulder) who had two rushing yards against the Lions. Still, we have to stick with Allen's dynamic rushing ability that is only matched by Lamar Jackson.

Jeff Driskel, QB, Cincinnati Bengals

This would probably be a better deep streamer play more than anything. I've liked Driskel's poise in the pocket and his ability to scramble (two rushing touchdowns this season). But, this would be purely a matchup play against the Raiders. Oakland has allowed 30 points per game this year and have allowed 21 fantasy points to quarterbacks since Week 8.

Derek Carr, QB, Oakland Raiders

Staying in the same game... I also don't hate Carr this week, either. He hasn't thrown an interception since Week 5. He's really had just one pedestrian game of the last three and that came against Baltimore. It's always scary for me because it seems like any time I put my trust into Carr, I end up on the losing end. I know, I'm supposed to be pumping you up here with some dudes to stream, but I also have to be honest with you. Forget it, I'm just going with Baker.

Tyler Boyd, WR, Cincinnati Bengals

He's been riskier since A.J. Green has gone down. There are just some dudes that play better under the cover of a WR1 opposite them. But, Boyd has a great matchup against Nick Nelson, which PFF projects as the most-advantageous of the weekend.

John Ross, WR, Cincinnati Bengals

Ross would be the option -- over Boyd, obviously -- if you're in a deeper league. The Raiders have struggled against the pass this year. Well, they've "struggled" might just be the statement that you need there.

Dede Westbrook, WR, Jacksonville Jaguars

I'm probably more of a Cody Kessler fan than most. A lot of it stems from a mutual fandom of the "Impractical Jokers" more than anything else. Still, if I was forced to say something nice about this game, I will say that Kessler is not going to be the worst starting quarterback in this matchup. Still, Washington has allowed five touchdown passes over the last two weeks and things are going from bad to worse. Westbrook has seen 19 targets from Kessler (on 97 attempts) and leads the team in receptions (14) with Kessler at the controls.

Keith Kirkwood, WR, New Orleans Saints

Kirkwood is another one with a solid matchup, as he's expected to draw coverage from Captain Munnerlyn this week. The Panthers have allowed the third-most fantasy points to receivers over the past two weeks.

Robert Foster, WR, Buffalo Bills

I mean, if we're going to roll with Allen, we have to like Foster a little. He's somebody I'm going to pay attention to heading into next season. He caught seven of his eight targets last week, but he's clearly inconsistent. He's had some various swings. The Lions have been better against the run in recent weeks since adding 'Snacks' Harrison, so I expect them to pass the ball a bit more.

C.J. Uzomah, TE, Cincinnati Bengals

The tight end position is such a tire fire that anything you do outside of the big five is going to end up being the wrong move. But at least with Uzomah this week, the Raiders have allowed the most fantasy points to tight ends over the past two weeks by a lot. I don't really love Uzomah this week, but I'm willing to risk it for the matchup.

Gerald Everett, TE, Los Angeles Rams

I also like Evertt's matchup, too, if you are desperate at tight end. It's not great by any stretch. The Eagles are league-average in points allowed to tight ends over the last month. But the Eagles have allowed the second-fewest yards to slot receivers this year per Next Gen Stats. And, if Robert Woods is covered up, Jared Goff could be looking towards Everett a bit more.

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