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Raheem Mostert, 49ers agree to adjusted deal after trade request

The San Francisco 49ers smoothed everything out with running back Raheem Mostert.

Mostert finalized a new deal with the Niners, according to the running back's agent, Brett Tessler.

"Happy we got things worked out and looking forward to him having another great season there. Thanks to the organization for taking care of him," Tessler wrote.

Mostert did not receive new years on the deal, he did get a $250,000 signing bonus, making up for a rushing yards incentive he narrowly missed last season, which the team intended to pay him, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported. With his new incentives, Mostert can make over $5 million in 2020.

Mostert's camp requested a trade earlier this month after talks broke down on a reworked deal.

The running back sought to be paid in line with what Tevin Coleman is making as the highest-paid RB on the squad. Coleman is set to earn $4.55 million in 2020. Mostert had two years left on his deal that called for $2.57 million in base salary this season.

That contract, according to the RB's camp, however, was signed when Mostert was a special teams player. Now that he's the team's top rusher, he felt like he deserved a pay-bump.

Mostert led the 49ers with 1,108 rushing yards and 13 rushing TD in 2019, including playoffs. His playoff run was extraordinary as he became just the sixth player in the Super Bowl era to earn 300-plus rushing yards and five-plus rushing TDs in a single postseason run.

After initially not coming to an agreement, both sides stepped back, readdressed the situation and found a solution.

Rapoport reported last week that Mostert spoke to a high-ranking member of the Niners' organization to clear the air. The discussion worked, as the sides struck a new deal a week later.

The contract means Mostert should report for COVID-19 testing with the rest of his Niners teammates beginning Tuesday.

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