Power Rankings: Top 25 #DakDancesToAnything Memes

Dak Prescott might've had a cell phone when he left the Cowboys locker room on Sunday night.

When he returned, he probably had enough mentions to turn that device into a touchscreen floating in goop.

Such is life when you play for the league's most internet-melting team. It's been six days since the Cowboysembraced the Monday Night Football Cat. Now, its quarterback is a viral hit after a stretching routine that syncs perfectly with every soundtrack ever recorded.

DakDancesToAnything trended nationwide. Hundreds of edits were posted. But these top 25 stood out in a sea of Dak Dances and deserve your immediate attention:

25. After Halloween, Dak says it's Christmas season.

24. Duckberg comes to Jerry's World.

23. Shoulder pads, chest, pants, cleats!

22. Blue are the feelings that live inside Dak.

21. When I dip, you dip, Dak dips.

20. There are a lot of layers to this one. Like an onion.

19. When the night falls, Dak's lonely heart calls.

18. More saving. More dancing. That's Home Depot.

17. Dak always remembers.

16. Nothing gets Dak loose quite like structured settlements.

15. You just got Dak Rolled.

14. C'mon. This is too good.

13. And what a bachelorette party it was.

12. This is mesmerizing.

11. Playlist provided by Russell Wilson.


9. Dak doesn't panic in the pocket but he will Panic at the Disco.

8. No need to apologize.

7. Oh my.

6. You know Spice had to bring that heat.

5. This is what the early 80's were in fact like.

4. Wow.

3. The Super Bowl LIV crowd's going to lose it when Shakira brings Dak out.


1. Find a more perfect #DakDancesToAnything edit. I'll wait.

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