Power Rankings: Top 10 Schedule Release posts 

Social media squads across the league have a second Super Bowl to plan for. It's called Schedule Release Day.

In this era of double taps, retweets, and story adds, it's the biggest and best chance for creatives to show what they can do. And in 2021, the NFL's professional tweeting teams did not disappoint.

Those clubs -- and so many more -- were great. These clubs were greater. Here are the 10 best Schedule Release posts, as announced by NFL teams:

10. Indianapolis Colts

All the build up to the perfect non-announcement announcement. Who better to fudge through it than Pat McAfee and Adam Vinatieri?

9. Carolina Panthers, Seattle Seahawks

There's a tie for ninth place among NFC teams who pulled back the curtain and let fans in on their brainstorms. Spoiler alert: Things get kinda weird.

8. Chicago Bears

Chicago's announcement was like watching paint dry -- in the best way possible. Great job recycling the old TikTok trend.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It looks like Tampa Bay's social team learned the same lesson as Tampa Bay's football team. Just give it to Gronk and let the magic happen.

6. New Orleans Saints

Grab some popcorn and a slushy. Drew Brees returns in this highly anticipated cinematic performance.

5. Baltimore Ravens

If star power's your thing, just wait until you see how many Cameo cameos the Ravens enlisted.

4. Kansas City Chiefs

The real challenge? Not thinking of this video every time Andy Reid holds a press conference.

3. Los Angeles Chargers

A Powerpoint? You better believe it. Bless Reddit for housing this work of art's slide-by-slide breakdown.

2. Denver Broncos

The one where the Broncos social team gets a two-time Super Bowl-winning intern and hilarity ensues.

1. Dallas Cowboys

Post Malone and Jerry Jones. This is the duo Schedule Release was created for. Bravo, 'Boys.