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Players invited to NFL Draft's Green Room

Players invited to the Green Room for the NFL Draft:

2007 (Radio City Music Hall) -- JaMarcus Russell (pick No. 1), Calvin Johnson (pick No. 2), Gaines Adams (pick No. 4), Adrian Peterson (pick No. 7), Brady Quinn (pick No. 22)

2006 (Radio City Music Hall) -- Mario Williams (pick No. 1), Reggie Bush (pick No. 2), Vince Young (pick No. 3), D'Brickashaw Ferguson (pick No. 4), Vernon Davis (pick No. 6), Matt Leinart (pick No. 10)

2005 (Jacob Javits Center) -- Alex Smith (pick No. 1), Ronnie Brown (pick No. 2), Braylon Edwards (pick No. 3), Cedric Benson (pick No. 4), Antrel Rolle (pick No. 8), Aaron Rodgers (pick No. 24)

2004 (Madison Square Garden) -- Eli Manning (pick No. 1), Robert Gallery (pick No. 2), Kellen Winslow (pick No. 6), Roy Williams (pick No. 7), DeAngelo Hall (pick No. 8), Ben Roethlisberger (pick No. 11)

2003 (Madison Square Garden) -- Carson Palmer (pick No. 1), Charles Rogers (pick No. 2), Dewayne Robertson (pick No. 4), Terence Newman (pick No. 5), Byron Leftwich (pick No. 7), Terrell Suggs (pick No. 10), Jimmy Kennedy (pick No. 12)

2002 (Madison Square Garden) -- David Carr (pick No. 1), Julius Peppers (pick No. 2), Mike Williams (pick No. 4), Quentin Jammer (pick No. 5), Bryant McKinnie (pick No. 7)

2001 (Madison Square Garden) -- Michael Vick (pick No. 1), Leonard Davis (pick No. 2), Justin Smith (pick No. 4), LaDainian Tomlinson (pick No. 5), David Terrell (pick No. 8), Kenyatta Walker (pick No. 14)

2000 (Madison Square Garden) -- Courtney Brown (pick No. 1), LaVar Arrington (pick No. 2), Chris Samuels (pick No. 3), Peter Warrick (pick No. 4), Thomas Jones (pick No. 7)

1999 (Madison Square Garden) -- Tim Couch (pick No. 1), Donovan McNabb (pick No. 2), Akili Smith (pick No. 3), Ricky Williams (pick No. 5), Daunte Culpepper (pick No. 11), Cade McNown (pick No. 12)

1998 (Madison Square Garden) -- Peyton Manning (pick No. 1), Ryan Leaf (pick No. 2), Charles Woodson (pick No. 4), Curtis Enis (pick No. 5)

1997 (Madison Square Garden) -- Orlando Pace (pick No. 1), Darrell Russell (pick No. 2), Shawn Springs (pick No. 3), Peter Boulware (pick No. 4), Bryant Westbrook (pick No. 5), James Farrior (pick No. 8), Tony Gonzalez (pick No. 13)

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