Phillip Lindsay is moving out of his parents' house

Broncos running back Phillip Lindsay has played like a grown man over the course of his first 24 career games.

Now, he's going to live like one.

The Pro Bowler told the RapSheet + Friends Podcast that he's moving out of his parents' Denver-area home, concluding a season-and-a-half of couch crashing.

"I was able to save some money for me to be able to get a place and also help myself out after getting a place," he told NFL Network Insider Ian Rapooport. "I just think it was the right choice to do right now. I definitely am going to move out and be an adult now."

Last year, a Pew Research study found that one-third of 25 to 29 year olds still lived with their parents, the highest number since 1943. Lindsay will not be joining their ranks.

Instead, he'll hit the Denver housing market with cash to burn; Lindsay's base salary is $570,000 this season and he made an extra $201,519 in performance-based pay last year.

He saved nearly all of those funds, according to this SportsCenter feature on the Colorado product.

Lindsay told Rapoport he "played it smart" with his saving habits. For that, he gets to move out from under Troy and Diane Lindsay's roof for good.

Listen to the RB's interview with Rapoport at the 45:03 mark below.

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