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Noah Spence on Von Miller comparison, writing and football idols

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Noah Spence

Defensive end, Eastern Kentucky

Born: Jan. 8, 1994

Experience: Draft prospect

Interview by Brooke Cersosimo | March 17, 2016

Growing up, it was two people. Michael Strahan and Trent Cole. I like how they pass rush and the effort, just how much they love the game and how much they put into the game.

Pretty much losing everything with football and I think I felt like I just needed to change my life. My family, of course, and God and just knowing that it was time to change, 'cause if I didn't, I was going to lose everything.

Probably after a couple games my sophomore year. I felt like this isn't that hard. I felt like I could only get better from there, so maybe the NFL is something I could really do.

Honestly, there ain't no feeling like it. I don't know ... it's probably like equivalent to winning the lottery or somethin' like that. You been workin' all game for this and you get a sack. It's crazy.

No. Everybody keeps asking that one. Why does everybody keep wanting (a sack celebration)? I don't have it. I guess I gotta get one.

Von Miller, of course. He's a nut. When he gets sacks, he always does stupid stuff. It's funny.

Von Miller is the epitome of pass rush right now. That would be amazing if I could be anything like him.

Other than football, I mean, I like shopping a lot. I like writing. I like art a lot.

(I write) anything that's on my mind. Anything that's coming out through the day. I keep journals and stuff. I've been looking at art and stuff since I was in eighth grade though, for real. It's something that I like.

Eagles, I'm from Pennsylvania.Trent Cole being one of my favorite players. I really liked his game and he played for the Eagles and I live here, so why not.

Determined. I mean, I feel like I'm just not going to let myself fail. I'm determined to reach my goals.

Up there in the top two or three (at my position in this year's draft class). I don't feel like a lot of people in this draft class can pass rush like I can.

Justin Houston, I want to play with him (at some point in my career). That'd be real, just learning from him outside of games would be cool, too.

Honestly, I liked "Interstellar" a lot. It's one of my favorite movies because it's about science and stuff. It's cool.

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