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Nick Bosa believes teaming up with his brother Joey Bosa 'might break the NFL'

Sometimes hypotheticals can be fun.

NFL coaches, general managers and sometimes even players insist on not "getting into hypotheticals" when answering questions. But those suppositional questions exist because the public is curious about the potential answer.

Sometimes such questions can be leading. Other times they're used simply to see how a person feels about a certain topic.

Take, for instance, Richard Sherman, former star cornerback, asking ex-teammate Nick Bosa on the latest episode of The Richard Sherman Podcast about the possibility of his brother, Joey Bosa, one day joining him to play in San Francisco.

"I think Joey definitely is looking good financially," Bosa said, via NBC Sports Bay Area. "I think him on the other side, it might break the NFL."

It ain't happening, but it's fun for the Bosas to imagine what it would be like to team up. A rare, rare, rare few set of of siblings would even have a theoretical chance of pulling it off on the biggest of stages.

Nick Bosa is due a massive contract extension that should come in around $30 million per year, leapfrogging T.J. Watt for most for an edge ($28 million) -- a distinction Joey once held when he signed a $27 million-per-year deal in L.A. in 2020. Having two non-QBs -- even great ones -- making around $30 million a year is untenable under the cap at this point. If the brothers were in a position to team up, it would likely mean one of them has stumbled upon persistent injury issues that have crippled his worth.

Nick enjoyed an 18.5-sack season on his way to earning the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year award. Meanwhile, Joey played in just five regular-season games while dealing with injury, netting 2.5 sacks, and his postseason ended in a fit of frustration.

While they won't be on the same squad, Nick sees the brothers battling for 2023 DPOY honors.

"I think Joey is going to come in and have a big year this year and we're going to be competing for it, so I'm excited," he said. "It's just cool that we're here and we've reached our goals, but there's more to reach."

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