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League sends video to teams regarding players with ineligible numbers reporting as eligible 

In the aftermath of a controversial conclusion to the Dallas Cowboys' win over the Detroit Lions on Saturday night, the NFL on Tuesday sent a memo to clubs regarding players reporting as eligible, NFL Network Insiders Tom Pelissero and Mike Garafolo reported.

The memo, which included a video, was sent three days following the Cowboys defeating the Lions, 20-19 after officials ruled offensive lineman Taylor Decker was not an eligible receiver when he caught a 2-point conversion that would have given Detroit a one-point advantage. After Decker's catch was negated, the Lions were intercepted on an ensuing attempt that was negated by a Cowboys penalty before a third attempt fell incomplete.

According to referee Brad Allen in the pool report, Lions offensive lineman Dan Skipper reported as an eligible receiver, not Decker.

The video sent Tuesday underscores that it is a player's responsibility to make certain his status change "is clearly communicated to the referee by both a physical signal up and down his chest and to report to the referee his intention to report as an eligible receiver."

Skipper, who is circled in the video, is shown raising his hand and gesturing while he reports for the 2-point attempt late in the game, similar to how he reported during the first quarter of the Week 17 contest.

The video was sent as a reminder to clubs.

It noted that any offensive player numbered 50-79 or 90-99 is permitted to line up as an eligible pass receiver, but the player must immediately report the change in his status to the referee. The referee will thereby inform the defense and make an announcement to the stadium. It's a process, as underlined in the video, that has been implemented for years.

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