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Jerry Jones won't rule out Cowboys making move for higher pick: 'I would trade up this draft'

This month's draft isn't carried by star quarterbacking power, which would lead one to believe fewer team owners will be interesting in moving up in the draft.

Just not Jerry Jones.

The Cowboys owner spoke with reporters on Wednesday and gave a very hypothetical-reliant answer to the question of whether his team might trade up in the draft. The crux of his message was simple: There's plenty of room between the Cowboys at No. 24 and the top of the draft, so anything is possible.

"I would trade up this draft -- and just going in as much as you can say about it, until you see what's there and who's on the other end of the line," Jones said. "But I would trade up, since we're down as low as we are in the first two or three rounds, if we had a chance to and somebody that we had really coveted was sitting at the bottom ... and we were able to trade up and get him."

Of course, this is all very never-say-never of Jones. But if the draft shakes out to where a player near the top of their board slides into the realistic range of the Cowboys, Jones could pick up the phone to work something out.

Frankly, anyone can pick up the phone. Dallas isn't in the quarterback market, and as referenced above, this class doesn't carry the same prestige as previous years, so the trade-up market likely won't be as hot. A bargain could be had.

It's also better that the Cowboys are picking later in the first round, because that means instead of spending the offseason lamenting failures of the most recent campaign, Jones can at least be proud of a playoff appearance.

As Kevin Garnett once said, anything is possible.

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