Free agent WR Golden Tate's wish list includes Titans, Colts, Rams

Golden Tate remains a free agent months after being released by the New York Giants following two years of disappointing production.

Tate is coming off a season in which he started just four of 12 games played and caught 35 of 53 targets for 388 yards and two TDs. He was benched at one point for complaining about his role and dealt with a calf injury to close the season.

The 32-year-old free agent hasn't had his name bandied about much as we've pressed through free agency, the draft, and now past offseason workouts, but Tate still plans to continue his career. He told SiriusXM NFL Radio his wish list includes reuniting with new Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford.

"I would love to go back home to Tennessee," Tate said. "Indy, over with Carson Wentz. Obviously, the L.A. Rams would be fantastic with Stafford. I had my best years with Stafford. I really like the entire NFC West, to be honest."

Reuniting with Stafford sounds good from the receiver's perspective, given that Tate enjoyed three 1,000-yard seasons in Detroit with the gunslinger. However, the Rams are pretty full at wideout currently. Then there's the bad blood with corner Jalen Ramsey -- father to two of Tate's nieces -- that would have to be smoothed over after the two got in a postgame spat last season.

During his height, Tate was one of the toughest receivers in the NFL, who could run through arm tackles and was a YAC demon. In 2020, he had just 84 yards after the catch. Was last season the start of an aging wideout losing the edge that made him great or simply a product of an inefficient Giants offense?

Tate believes in the right situation, he could get back to his bully-ball ways.

"I'm like a fine wine: I just get better with age," Tate said. "I haven't had any major injuries. For the most part I'm on the field. I think I've been great in the locker room. Unfortunately, last year was kind of a COVID (issue) and everything going on just didn't go my way as far as getting the ball. But I made the most of the opportunities that I did have. You look at when I did get the ball in my hands. I was making contested catches in the slot, down the field, wherever it may be. I'm looking forward to just getting opportunities. Because I have no doubt once I get opportunities, I'll prove how good I am and how good I've been over the years."

Tate is one of several veterans still waiting on the open market. At this stage of the game, he might have to wait into training camp to appeal to a club in need of a veteran presence. He could also be available into the season, waiting for injuries to inevitably strike a club.

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