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Gardner Minshew has no 'expectations' about role in Colts offense as Indianapolis weighs drafting QB

The Indianapolis Colts swapped out veteran quarterbacks last week, cutting Matt Ryan and signing the younger Gardner Minshew to a one-year contract.

Minshew said Friday he wasn't given any promises about competing for a starting role and is just ready to work hard in his new setting.

"I really don't have any expectations," he said. "I've come here to work hard and to have fun. I think if we do that every day, we're going to end up in a good place."

The expectation has been that the Colts will use the No. 4 overall pick to bring in a high-quality rookie quarterback. Unless they make a splash play via a trade -- Lamar Jackson? -- ending the revolving door at QB during Chris Ballard's run by finally using a premium draft pick at the position feels like a fait accompli.

If that transpires, Minshew would be a veteran presence who can help teach a rookie the offense and spot-start if needed.

The 26-year-old wasn't interested in getting into any hypothetical scenarios at this point in the offseason.

"First off, assuming is always a dangerous game," he said. "Like I said, I've come here to work hard and to help the team in any way I can. So, whatever that role is, I'm going to do it to the best of my ability."

While it's fair to question the Colts' moves -- or lack thereof -- at this point in the offseason, adding Minshew makes perfect sense.

After two seasons in Jacksonville, where he started 20 games, Minshew spent the past two years in Philadelphia working with new Colts coach Shane Steichen. While he appeared in just nine games, starting four, Minshew has intimate knowledge of the system and the new coach that should help the transition for the entire offense -- including that presumed rookie QB.

"Fired up to be working with Shane again," Minshew said. "He's a guy I have a ton of respect for, not only as a coach but just a guy. I'm really excited for how he is going to be as a head coach.

"You have to be on the same page, quarterback and play-caller. He does a very good job of kind of defining what we need, what he expects and what he wants out of each play. He's very detailed and when you do that, it kind of takes some of the guesswork out and lets you play a little more freely within the rules, if that makes sense."

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