Ex-NFL WR set to join exclusive Seven Summit climbing club

The list of climbers who have scaled each continent's tallest mountain is only a few hundred names long.

Soon, it might include its first NFL player.

Former Raiders, Rams and Saints receiver Mark Pattison is preparing to take on Mt. Everest — the world's tallest mountain — and Lhotse — the world's fourth-tallest mountain — within the next two months. If he succeeds, the 59-year-old will become the first NFL member of the exclusive Seven Summits Club.

As of 2016, only 416 "club" members had scaled each of the following tallest peaks from each continent:

  • Everest in Nepal, Tibet (29,029 feet)
  • Aconcagua in Argentina (22,840 feet)
  • Denali / Mt. McKinley in Alaska (20,320 feet)
  • Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (19,339 feet)
  • Elbrus in Russia (18,481 feet)
  • Carstensz in Indonesia (16,023 feet)
  • Kosciuszko in Australia (7,310 feet)

Lhotse is an offshoot of the Everest massif and not on the club list. Pattison told KMVT News 11 that he still plans on scaling it "within 24 hours of summiting Mt. Everest."

If that's not tough enough, Pattinson attempted his hardest climb, Denali, in minus-80 degree weather.

"That was challenging and difficult and I didn't want to lose my fingers and toes," Pattison told KMVT News. "So we came back and did it again in 2018."

He hasn't been alone in his Everest endeavor. Former NFL head coach and college friend Jim Mora Jr. has been training with Pattison, as the former college teammates are raising money for epilepsy awareness and Higher Ground, an adaptive sports nonprofit that serves people with disabilities.